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New blog!!!

Hi, and welcome to Of Blade and Flesh!

Alittle about me...
I orriginally played WoW from the very beginning, I started with a hunter in vanilla, then
when BC came out,I rolled a druid, because I was tired of being squishy and causing
problems. I became a resto druid when I hit 70. this was great, and I massively enjoyed my
character Vralk. When WotLK came out, I kept leveling Vralk, leveling her as balance, so
that when I hit 80,I atleast had some SP and other caster stats... (I leveled to 70 as
feral, and was stuck with AGI/STR on a tree,I raised a few eyebrows) Now, having
leveled a Death Knight (I know, Gasp) to level 80, and having had a successful raiding
time with all three roles, I decided that I would do some roleplaying!

And so, I wrote up a little story for my character, and then Miolka Was born.

She will be the topic of the blogg, which will be all about her, her roleplaying experience,
and of course, everything else I feel relevant (and abit thats not)
She's a Dwarf Rogue, and will probably be leveling subtelty because of the story behind

This will be my first roleplaying experience, and I intend to get the full use out of it
from the Sha'tar EU realm.

Anyway, Her story... Its a pretty large Wall of Text, and I'm sorry for any crits.

Miolka Ironstout
Dwarf Subtlety Rogue

Miolka ran away from home when she saw her father, a once humble dwarf miner, selling
his wares to a spectre. The enraged Miolka ran as fast as she could, taking with her
only the clothes on her back, a cloak,and a small trinket her mother gave her at the
age of four. She then found that she had to steal and take to survive. By the age of
eight human years, Miolka had become highly adept at petty theft, pick pocketing, and
lock picking. At the age of 14, she decided to find some form of weapon, and train at
fighting. Starting on the poor boars in Coldridge Valley, and moving on to the Yeti's
to the north, and slowly moving on to more violent and dangerous creatures. Miolka
decided finally that she was ready to fight another gnome, or some other more skilful
person. The use of force was only ever used when the victim of theft decided that they
wouldn't let her go. Never had Miolka taken a life before, only incapacitated them to
allow an escape, when she was 28, she took her first life. Miolka then travelled back
to Coldridge Valley to ask what to do from the one person she truly trusted, Solm
Hargrin. Solm then trainer Miolka beyond the skills of a common thief, and Miolka from
that day forth was a rogue. Miolka Ironstout, later that year, just before the new
snowfall arrived, was awarded her second dagger, and told to travel to SI:7 in
Stormwind Because Tyrion had received news of her skills in stealth and thieving, and
had requested her presence in order do discern any possible use to the Alliance this
could be.

So, Miolka, only 29 by the time she reached Stormwind, was now an operative for the
organisation known as SI:7. She was commissioned as a scout. After a large amount of
success discerning the purpose of the Ashenvale logging camp put in place by the Horde
of the barrens, Miolka was trained in the skill of maces, to be used whenever she
required a more, unsubtle approach to gathering information. She took highly to these
new weapons, quickly adapting to their size and weight.

After seven more snowfalls (at roughly 36 human years), Miolka ventured into the
Outlands, where she would aid the expedition there. She quickly found, that however
beautifully efficient the two maces she carried were, they would never be as useful
as a pair of blades when fighting against giants and demons up to ten times her size.
Now donning a pair of blades, she continued to gather information about the Horde
venture into outlands. She quickly found and reported that the Horde was not the
biggest worry to the Alliance in outlands, but instead, that the scourge and the
legions of demons would oppose more threat to the Alliance. Now with a new task at
hand, to discern the purpose of the legions in outland, and whether or not they would
be of any issue if they arrived in Azeroth, she decided that the only reasonable course
of action was to send a few brave soldiers into the heart of Outlands, and seek out
the head of the corruption. Instead of finding the source of all hatred, Miolka found
the city of Shattrach, she had no prior knowledge of the city, and neither did her men.
The men quickly ran off, and dissipated into the crowds, off to find out what this new
city offered for such trained men as themselves. Still a proud operative of SI:7 Miolka
would not be so easily taken over by the lures of a new city. After weeks of searching
for her men inside this new city, Miolka heard word of Alliance heroes, severing the
head of the legions, and crushing the armies at the Black Temple. Miolka was ashamed.
She was meant to be that person, and she was meant to be the one to destroy the forces
at the temple. She promptly ran to the centre of Shattrach, and immediately jumped
through a portal to Stormwind to report the news. The operatives at SI:7 had already
received news of such events, and were awaiting Miolka's return.

She was then ordered to go to Northrend, where the influences of ancient spirits were
affecting the dwarfs near to a ravine. Many dwarfs had already gone insane, and Miolka
was to find out why. Unknowing of whether or not these forces would have any effect
on her, Miolka snuck into the cove where these dwarfs slept, and hid there, observing
them, only to find that it was not long gone spirits or spectres that were affecting
them, it was instead the Vrykul. Miolka then returned to the Alliance camp, reporting
the news, outraged at such an atrocity. She soon disappeared from the camp, and was
found weeks later by a hunter, under half a foot of snow, just outside Gjlaerborn,
after an attempt to kill as many Vrykul as possible. In her rage, Miolka had become
unsubtle, and struck poorly on one of the first vrykul she came across. The towering
Vrykul warrior batted her aside into the snow with his towering shield. Having been
treated by the hunter for her wounds and frostbite, Miolka's rage had subsided. Having
decided to move on from the Howling Fjord, She left for the heart of Dragonblight, to
seek the aid of the Wyrmrest Accord.

The mighty dragons did not immediately accept Miolka for what she was, they saw her as
a crude tool used by the Alliance for the sole purpose of bettering themselves against
the Horde. After much toil and working to prove the Wyrmrest wrong, she aided them
finally at the Wrath Gate, where she witnessed terrible things, the slaughter of her
fellow Alliance, and the merciless killing of the Horde. Having seen this killing,
Miolka had found a respect for the Horde, watching them die alongside the Alliance knights,
without the intent of killing each other, Miolka was redeemed in the eyes of the Wyrmrest.
She was then sent to Dalaran by Alexstra for the purpose of seeking out more information
from the Kirin'tor about any further influences of the Vrykul. After a scholar had informed
her that the vrykul had made a move to both aid the defence of Icecrown, and to aid the
awakened forces that lay beneath Ulduar, she was outraged. Seeking to aid the goblins at
K8,she quickly flew there, easily finding ways in which her 'skills' could be put to use.
She aided the goblins until she could find no further actions which would help. Then, with
news of a large Vrykul village to the north, she set off. She slowly killed the workers at
the mines; this aided her greatly, as she intended to unsettle their new ways of life,
instead of simply going on a killing rampage. She successfully managed to ruin a large
proportion of the operations at the mine, hindering their mining sufficiently to crush the
vrykul way of life. Returning to Dalaran satisfied of her bloodlust, she received a message
from SI:7, informing her to travel to the Alliance sky vessel to aid them in their efforts
in Icecrown. She then travelled to the vessel, to find it in utter turmoil after a recent
Horde bombardment. She was quickly tasked with the disruption of the scourge, and their
saronite mining operation. She was sent first to the Saronite mines in Icecrown in an
attempt to free some of the prisoners there, only to find most of them insane, and corrupted
by the saronite and their unholy watchers. Having left the cave, knowing that she would
not be able to help any of them, she headed to the vrykul village to again 'quell the
population'. She did so effectively, the population soon stopped growing, and soon enough,
was shrinking, one by one. Miolka found many others who were helping to control the
population,and was greatly thankful for them. Having shrunk the vrykul populous enough,
Miolka returned to the sky vessel, to find it in far better shape than it was when she

She was informed that her feats and endeavours had made an impression with the argent
crusade, and that they had summoned her to the Argent Tournament grounds. Miolka
imagined a large towering coliseum, gladiators in shinning armour, wild beasts and
wilder orcs fighting to the death in a sandy pit. When she arrived, she was much
disappointed. The Coliseum was far from built, and the argent crusade seemed far from
worrying. Never the less, she quickly learnt to ride a ram, soon moving on to the
Stormwind horse, and the nightsaber of the elves. Not long after, she was worthy to
represent the entire Alliance in the Argent Tournament. She then found her way back to
Dalaran, dropping into a vrykul village on the way to satisfy yet more rage. Miolka
can now be found wandering the streets of Dalaran, often Stormwind, and sometimes
Shattrach. She will normally be dressed in dark attire, and carrying two short blades.
Often however, she can be found in a bar, completely drunk, challenging anyone who
dares to a fight, in which she will wildly swing maces, often knocking flat many
people before collapsing on the floor in a fit of laughter. Miolka will still regularly
visit a vrykul town to kill, simply because she can, and because she still needs to
satisfy her bloodlust. Soon after news of one of Miolka's rampages in a bar, where two
men were killed, and over 2000 gold worth of damages were dealt, SI:7 discharged her
from their services. Now alone in Dalaran, at the age of 43 winters, she stumbles around
Dalaran half drunk for the majority of the time.

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